Yoga Retreat Schedule

Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment I know this is the only moment. - Thich Nhat Hanh

Monday July 16
- 3:00p.m. Check-in begins – Welcome to Medomak Retreat Center. There will be assistance to your cabin to unpack and settle in.
- 4:00p.m. Tour of Medomak Retreat Center and grounds. Happy Hour Welcome!
- 6:30p.m. Dinner
- 7:30p.m. Welcome to Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation. Time to open our hearts, minds and bodies to the joyful practice of being present. Time to come home to ourselves in breath-taking Maine.
Tuesday – Saturday July 17 – 21 – each day will offer:
- 7:00a.m. Personal time with light breakfast tid-bits including fruit or juice will be available
- 8:00-9:15a.m. Group Yoga Practice: Meditation, Pranayama (breathwork), Asana (postures)
- 9:30a.m. Breakfast
- Morning Private (or small group) Yoga/Meditation sessions available upon request
- 1:00p.m. Lunch
- Afternoon Private (or small group) Yoga/Meditation sessions available upon request
- 5:00-6:15p.m. Group Yoga Practice: Meditation, Pranayama (breathwork), Asana (postures)
- 6:30p.m. Dinner
- 7:30p.m. Evening Meditation
Throughout the week we’ll explore yogic philosophy through study of Meditation, Asana, Pranayama, Yamas and Niyamas – moving always toward the practice of the first Yama, Ahimsa – non-harming in thought, word, and deed toward all beings – the practice of compassion. Mindfulness will be a path inward to deeply explore our warrior spirits and peaceful hearts. Through mindfulness we’ll become more present in each moment of our precious lives. We’ll practice asana to strengthen our center, improve posture and enhance quality of life. Bring balance and strength and energy to every moment. Sun, Moon and Earth Salutations by the lake, in the fields, or at the chapel in the woods – connected to our Mother the Earth, the stars, and the moon, and the sun.
Additional Activities Tuesday – Saturday July 18 – 22
Activities both on and off site will be made available on a day-to-day basis depending upon weather and interest. Each morning at breakfast an agenda will be offered and posted.
Activities will include: Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga; kayaking and canoeing; hiking and other camp activities. We will arrange trips off-site to Avena Botanicals (herbal apothecary and gardens), a healing labyrinth, Sweetgrass Winery and Distillery, the Maine coastal beaches and beautiful harbor towns. Travel as a group or on your own.
Private and/or small group yoga sessions, posture clinics, and discussion groups will be available upon request throughout the week to enhance your yoga and meditation practice.
We’ll totally enjoy the ever-popular cheese-making with Holly, who will also teach us to make products for our skin that are good for us!
Meals will be vegetarian and delicious with the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. We’ll enjoy our meals in the historic lodge, family-style. Boxed lunches will be available for some trips off-site.
Evening activities will include star-gazing (house telescope), camp fires, story-telling, singing, puzzle-making, and more!
Sunday July 22
- 7:00a.m. Personal time with light breakfast tid-bits including fruit or juice will be available
- 9:00a.m. Meditation – closing session

-- Om Shanti Peace - Kathleen --