Astronomy Retreat with Bruce Berger


Bruce is an avid amateur astronomer, tinkerer, designer, and observer who loves to get involved in astronomy projects. His first telescope, an 8-inch reflector made from scratch, won an Optical Excellence award at the annual Stellafane Convention, and its unique mount took an award for Innovative Mechanical Design. Since then Bruce has built, rebuilt, refurbished or repaired many different telescopes, mounts and observatories. Bruce helped design and now serves as director of the ATMoB Research and Imaging Observatory featuring a .35 meter telescopic imaging system. He has also roamed the world in search of astro-adventure - trekking to California, China and the South Pacific to view solar eclipses. He has taken part in Minor Planet research with a leading university, receiving NSF funding to gather data on minor planets at the Mexican National Observatory in San Pedro Martir and Fortaleza Brazil.