Alexander Technique Retreat

July 16-22, 2018

Alexander Technique Retreat for Beginning and Advanced Students

“Every man, woman and child holds the possibility of physical perfection; it rests with each of us to attain it by personal understanding and effort.”
- F.M. Alexander

In addition to offering practical knowledge about coordination, body position, and movement, the Alexander Technique helps students recognize and eliminate counterproductive habits, positively influencing natural physical position and supporting natural potential. The Alexander Technique allows you to free yourself from pain and tension and provides a path to increased lightness and mobility. It helps manage symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, tension, and stress. During the Alexander Retreat at Medomak, you’ll get to know the Alexander Technique and learn the basic principles of movement, coordination, suspension, and realignment.

Included in the retreat:
- Private or shared lodging and all meals (scrumptious vegetarian fare, mainly local and organic, with dairy products from the camp’s own cows!)
- At least three individual lessons spaced throughout the week
- Four hours of group work each day
- A midweek excursion including an optional nature walk (with a focus on healthier movement, carrying a backpack, etc.)
The retreat program consists of:
- A theoretical and practical introduction to the basics of the Alexander Technique
- Individual lessons
- Work on specific topics as desired by individual participants, for example: best practices for working at a computer, using a smartphone, playing an instrument, public speaking, carrying heavy objects
- Discussion of questions such as: How can I avoid tension and pain when engaging in specific activities? How can I bring lightness and effortlessness to my posture and movement? How can I become aware of and correct counterproductive physical habits?

Retreat cost: $1500 all inclusive
Early bird price (full payment through February 1, 2018): $1400 all inclusive
If you recommend a friend or colleague who attends the retreat, we’ll thank you with a $50 discount!
If more than 12 participants attend the retreat, a second licensed Alexander Technique teacher will join us at the retreat.

What is the Alexander Technique?
Imagine that you’re standing in line at the supermarket – and your back and feet are perfectly comfortable. Imagine that you’re driving through rush-hour traffic with your shoulders relaxed and your neck free and mobile. Imagine gathering all of your natural mental acuity, the power and support of your back, and the sureness of your feet balanced on the ground. That’s the Alexander Technique: a physical and mental process of development that brings active consciousness into everyday life.

The AT, created nearly a century ago by Australian actor Frederick Matthias Alexander, is now practiced all over the world. Alexander’s concept is based on the idea that one’s manner of walking, sitting down, standing up, and working can be adjusted to regain healthy, natural posture and balance.
Through increased awareness of your own patterns of posture and movement, the AT teaches your body and mind to cooperate, balance, and coordinate.

About the instructor, Matthias Graefen:
As a keen runner, I was experiencing increasing pain during workouts. I was desperate to find a solution and stumbled upon the Alexander Technique thanks to a recommendation. After my first session, I could already sense that the Technique had incredible potential. The more I learned, the freer I became – physically and, as a result, mentally. I experienced less pain, found a fulfilling job, and got my “feet on the ground” in every sense of the phrase. The Alexander Technique became a way of life for me, which is why I decided in 2001 to become an AT teacher. Since that time I have been able to help hundreds of clients develop their potential through AT.
In addition to offering individual lessons and institutional and business seminars, I assisted in an AT teacher training program alongside experienced colleagues for ten years. The training to become a certified AT practitioner takes 3 to 3.5 years and requires 1600 hours of coursework with a focus on “hands-on” work. This process and the opportunity to accompany students on their journeys toward self-assurance and inner freedom gave me such joy that I now offer my own teacher training program in Berlin, Germany. Program completion leads to certification by The Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies.